Friday, January 28, 2011

Observations of an ignorant tourist

Living so close to Notre Dame is lovely. Every time I go for a walk, I pass by this beauty.

Every time I pass it, something unusual occurs. Whether it's a mob with torches, a stampede of a couple hundred rollerbladers, police scuba-diving in the Seine, or machine gun toting soldiers in camo an red berets, there is always something interesting to see!

A couple things I've observed about Paris: the crosswalks are very confusing. The people walk when the red man is lit up, and the cars go when the green man is lit up. When walking down the sidewalk, you constantly feel like you are playing a game of chicken. I am always the one who has to give way, because the French DON'T.

Hanging out with the kids and Sarah is fun, and busy! :) Sometimes I lock Sina in the cupboard to get some peace an quiet! :P

(I joke, I joke.)

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