Friday, January 7, 2011

"With eyes closed is the best way to look at the soul." -Victor Hugo

On Wednesday, Kelsey and I went to see Les Misérables at Queen's Theatre. Wow. I can't say how much I love this book, so I shan't try. What hit me most about the play, was the different affects grace had on Javert and Jean Valjean. Jean Valjean knew he did not deserve it, but accepted it and in turn, freely gave it to others. Javert, on the other hand, could not accept it, and so it drove him to his death.

In the morning we went to bookshops on Charing Cross Road. I eagerly looked for 84 Charing Cross Road, as I lived the movie based on it. Imagine my disgust to find it, not a quaint second hand bookshop, but of all things, a Pizza Hut. >:(

Here is a picture of me acting nonchalant as I pose for a picture in a great bookshop. Those books behind me look gorgeous and wonderful, but in actuality they are old men's magazines. Things are always less romantic up close. However, they make a nice picture.

Yesterday, we ambled down the streets of Oxford where famous guys like Lewis and Tolkein walked, likely with their minds far away in Narnia or Middle Earth somewhere.

This morning, we went to the Tower if London, and stood where many prisoners were kept locked in various towers awaiting their date with the executioner. Their last messages, carved into the walls of the towers, are hauntingly poignant, considering that many of them endured torture, choosing to be killed or their faith rather than recant.
"The more suffering for Christ in this world, the more glory with Christ in the next." -Arubdell, 22 June 1587

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  1. Hi Christy!
    You captured the essence of Les Mis! This is why I love the story so much too!
    I would have loved to see the towers and see the messages written there. I have Lady Jane Grey's and Elizabeth I's quotes written on my FB. So glad you are having so much fun!