Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow...

Merry Christmas all! By this time tomorrow I will be (hopefully, weather permitting!! :/) somewhere over the Atlantic drooling on a fellow passenger's shoulder. Gross but likely true. As you can see, I have everything I will need for the next month an a half...

What's that you say? Clothes? Oops, I guess I may need some other things too...

I must say, adventures are rather, well, adventurous, but think I was quite mad when I decided to do this crazy thing! I shall miss everyone so much, and I'm none too excited to leave my adorable 5 day old niece!

Okay, off to get my last good night's sleep in my own bed!

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  1. CHRISTY! Merry Christmas and bon voyage! I can't wait to see you! Hope your trip goes smoothly with no unforseen mishaps. SEE YOU SOON!

    And I like your pile of luggage, you obviously have your priorities straight. ;)

  2. Oh ... this is sooo exciting. A blow by blow account of your life abroad. Thank you for inviting me along for the ride! Lori

  3. Hi Christy. Sorry to hear you are stuck in Heathrow. Stay safe! Sleep on top of your passport! :) My friends are giving me a kindle for Christmas! Good thing you brought some books along with you. Praying for you. A bushel and a peck! xo